Psalm 118: 17- I will not die; instead, I will live to tell what the LORD has done.

When I wrote this, we were celebrating Freedom Day in South Africa – a day we honour and remember as the day we were truly free from oppression and injustices of our past. When I read Psalm 118:17 above, my heart was deeply touched. David wrote these words while he was going through trying times in his life. He spoke words of life into his situation. Things were not very bright for him, the sun had all but ceased to shine in his life. It was a very dark moment indeed. David could have chosen to cry and lick his wounds as he blamed God and the people around him for what had befallen him. He could have spent all his time worrying about what would happen to him. Maybe he would have ended up taking his own life because of fear that the worst would still come his way. Thank God he did not. Like David, some of us may be going through what we think will kill us. You may be faced with life-threatening situations.

You may be facing summons of all sorts from people who want your soul. You may be threatened by people who are after your life, or driven hard by employers pushing you beyond your limits. You may be troubled by your neighbours or your spouse to a point where you find yourself losing sleep and worrying yourself sick. Your kids may be out of control. A number of things could be pushing you to the brink of despair right now. Speak life into your situation. No matter what we may be going through, let us speak life to our situations. Today is our day to speak life into our finances. Let us speak life into our marriages. Let us speak life into our studies, our health, our jobs, and into our kids. Let us speak life into our businesses and relationships. Like David, we will not die. If God is for us, who can be against us?

If Jesus can raise the dead, surely we are still alive. I warn all of us to watch what comes out of our mouths, especially when we face challenges. Most of us die before our time because we are quick to pronounce death into our situations. We declare things dead long before they are. Today, I invite you and I to start speaking the language of life. Let us speak blessings and life into our circumstances.

Today I would like you and I to make a pact that we will, from this day forth, speak only the language of life. We will speak life into all our circumstances. Let us declare revival and renewal. Let us choose life over death. Let us be positive and see light in the midst of darkness. Let us see a way where there seems to be no way, and victory where only defeat seems visible. After all, we are people of faith. We see things that are not seen by others. We see successful projects when others see only failure. We see reasons to go on when others do not. Today, I also pledge to be a “life activist.” I trust that you too will join me in this movement.

Lifted from “His Grace Vol. 1” by Simphiwe Mdlalose. Click here to get your copy.