James 1: 2 – My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials

We all go through trials in our lives, and I am certainly no exception. During a particularly trying week in my life, I was faced with a number of challenges. These ranged from personal to business. In the midst of these trials, God sent the above verse to me. In it, I discovered that the Bible promises us that we will go through trials. For as long as we live, trials will always be a part of our lives. I asked myself, “Why should I be happy when I go through trials?” The same chapter tells me that trials are meant to strengthen our faith, and when our faith is tried, we develop patience.

I soon realized that God wants us to have patience when we pray to Him. But for us to have patience, we need to first go through trials so that our trials can test our faith, and once our faith is tested, our patience is born. I was in such awe when I was able to connect all these dots. I soon realized that in many instances, I get tried when I am in a hurry to get responses from God. When I want to see the hand of God in a hurry, that is when it seems as if my situation isn’t getting any better. It always seems as if things are going from bad to worse when I am in a hurry to get an answer from God. In the midst of my storms, a friend of mine sent me a chain email. I was skeptical in the beginning to even go through it as I thought it was one of those funny ones and I was not ready to laugh at that point. I opened it reluctantly. To my surprise, it was a message of hope.

One of the sentences read: “If you never had a trial, how could you call yourself an overcomer?” It gave me such hope. It reminded me that I could never be an overcomer if I never experience any trials. So, in order to be an overcomer, trials are necessary. And when they come I must count it all joy as they are meant to make me stronger. My brothers and sisters, if you are child of God, know that trials will come your way. If you are not going through one right now, get ready for one. We sing songs like “over overcome, we shall overcome” with such passion, yet we are not ready to go through trials. If we want to be known as overcomers, we must be prepared to go through trials.

So, when you go through your trials, count them as blessings – your faith is being tested and you are being taught patience. Once you have gone through it all, we can call you an OVERCOMER!

Let us go forward and take our trials head-on as we appreciate what they are meant to make out of us. Keep on keeping on dearest overcomer!

 Lifted from “His Grace Vol. 1” by Simphiwe Mdlalose. Click here to get your copy.