Genesis 18: 14 – Is anything too hard for the LORD?

I remember a time my younger sister, Hlengiwe, went to hospital for what was supposed to be a minor operation. My whole family expected her to be out of hospital after no more than two days. By evening of the second day, she was not even able to answer SMSes

on her cellphone. She was really ill. I was down in Cape Town at the time. I prayed very hard for her. In the early morning hours of her third day in hospital, I realized that I was in deep fear. I was totally scared. God woke me up and it was like He was asking me the same question he asked Abraham in Genesis 18:14: “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” Right there and then, my hope was renewed. I was very positive that my sister would be healed.

For some of you who might not be aware of how God got to ask this question, I urge you to go through the whole chapter of Genesis 18. You will realize that God spoke to Abraham about a promise that Abraham’s wife, Sarah, found to be funny. God had promised that Sarah would fall pregnant. At that time, she had long passed the human age of giving birth. In fact, when she heard God promise Abraham that she was going to have a baby, she burst out laughing. She asked him how a “worn-out woman like her” could give birth.

Maybe today, you feel like Sarah. When you read God’s promises in the Bible you find them too hard to believe for a person who has gone through all that you have gone through. Maybe you feel like those promises don’t apply to you. Maybe you feel like bursting out with laughter and asking how God can bless a “worn-out person like me?”

God has asked me to tell you today that you are about to experience a miracle in your life. You are about to go through an experience you never thought you would go through. You are about to get a promotion you never thought you would get.  You are about to be healed. You are about to find that life partner you thought a woman or man like you does not deserve. You are about to close that deal you thought you never would. Today is your day to experience God’s wonders.

My question to you today is: “IS ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR THE LORD?” You answer that and your miracle is waiting for you.

Lifted from “His Grace Vol. 1” by Simphiwe Mdlalose.