Ezekiel 37: 4 – 5 – Then he said to me, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry bones, hear the word of the LORD! This is what the Sovereign LORD says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.

Like many South Africans, I spent some time in church this past weekend. I had such a great time in the presence of the Lord. I also used the time to reflect on my life. I was thinking about the plans and resolutions I have for the year. I realised that I have made some inroads in others, and in others I am not moving forward. When you get that feeling of not moving forward, it is easy to just give in and throw the towel. I also realised that the devil has one huge task and that is to make us lose hope. Once you lose hope on something, that is when you give up and let go.

Think about it, when you don’t believe you will find a job you stop sending your CV around. When you stop believing that your marriage will work out, you file for divorce. When you don’t believe that your business will survive, you close shop. When you don’t believe that your health will improve, you even stop taking the medicine and say let it be. When you lose hope that is when the devil wins and you lose. You end up not reaching your destiny. I know that sometimes things don’t work out not because you are not trying. It is even sadder to give up on something that you have given your all to make it work.

Friend, this morning I want you to know that sometimes it takes more than prayer to see things come to pass. Maybe you have been praying and nothing seems to be coming through. Maybe you have cried and nothing seems to be changing. Today, I want to request you to start prophesying over your ‘dry bones’. Dry bones are those things in our life that look dead or seem impossible at this point. Maybe it is your relationship or marriage that looks dead, maybe it is your finances, and maybe for you it is your health, perhaps your business. Whatever it is that looks dead in your life right now, it is time you prophesy over it and speak life. Maybe for a while now you have been speaking negative words to your situation. You have declared it dead and impossible. Today, I want you to speak positive words and prophesy life to it. Like Ezekiel did, the dry bones came to life.

I want to encourage you today that it is not too late for your ‘dry bones’ to come to life. As long as you are still here and alive, there is hope for things to turn around. I want to urge you to start speaking life to you situation right now. Speak things you want to see out of your situation. Don’t tell God about how big your challenge is, start telling your challenge how big, great and mighty is the God you serve! Friend, I know like I know that God can change any situation around. Your situation is nothing too hard for him to fix. But for him to do his miraculous works, he needs you to do your part. Prophesy to those dry bones and see God at work. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. You are much closer to your breakthrough than you can think. Your destiny is calling.

God loves you,
Simphiwe Mdlalose