Genesis 48: 14 – But Jacob crossed his arms as he reached out to lay his hands on the boys’ heads. He put his right hand on the head of Ephraim, though he was the younger boy, and his left hand on the head of Manasseh, though he was the firstborn.

This is not going to be an ordinary week for Believers. This is going to be a big week with extra-ordinary events. When you read Genesis 48, you read about the story of Joseph presenting his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim to his father Jacob for a blessing. According to their tradition, the person who received a blessing through the right hand got a bigger and better blessing. So, in line with this, Manasseh who was the firstborn was supposed have been blessed with the right hand. Jacob, did something that was unexpected, he gave the biggest blessing to the lastborn, Ephraim. He ‘crossed his arms’ and shifted the blessings around.

Friend, I am delighted to announce that you have just entered the ‘crossing of the arms’ week. This week you are about to receive fantastic news. You are going to be considered for things that you did not even qualify for. There are people who are better connected than you who have made all the necessary calls to secure the deal. But, guess what – the deal is going to be given to you. That job that you so badly wanted, but thought you are not adequately qualified for is going to be offered to you. That call that you knew was going to alter your life for the better that you did not think was going to come through, this week it will. Given what you know, you did not think that you deserve the healing. Trust me, this week you will be the chosen one.

Friend, this is no ordinary week. Start believing in order to receive. You might not be the most qualified, but this is going to be yours. You might not be the one, but this week things are going to be turned in your favour. You have always been overlooked, but not this week. This week you will come first. This week you will matter. This week you will be the one. In essence what I am telling you is that you are next in line for a miracle my friend! Get your expectation levels high. Let God see your faith. And allow Him to send men and women this week who will make this the ‘crossing of the arms’ week. Remember, that through the powers vested in you, you too can also make this week the ‘crossing of the arms’ week for someone else. So, maybe give in order to release your blessing. Follow your heart. God is with you.